Technologies That Failed to Make It Big

Making it big in the tech industry can be a tough thing to accomplish. Even if you have a great product to market to consumers, the level of success products have usually comes down to timing, cost, and demand. Not every product has the ability to successfully make its mark in the tech market — some have been massive failures even if they were a brainchild from a major company.

Upcoming Hackathons Around the World

Since the advent of the internet, more and more people are getting involved in hacking. Commonly known as gaining unauthorized access to websites, hacking can be used in a positive light as well. These days, hacking can also be used as a way to build websites, and sometimes, these websites can be built extremely quickly in competitions known as hackathons.

El Futuro del Software de Traducción

¿Quién no ha utilizado la herramienta de Google Translate para salir de más de un apuro cuando necesitamos traducir algún texto con urgencia? Sin duda, es una de las aplicaciones más utilizadas por usuarios de todo el mundo y una de las mejores, ya que ofrece...

The Next Big Tech Gadgets to Hit the Market

At the beginning of every year, tech enthusiasts from all over the world descend to Las Vegas, Nevada to see the latest and greatest tech gadgets in development at the Consumer Electronics Show. This year’s show featured new laptops, AI technology, new gaming consoles, and of course, prototypes for the next iPhone. Read on to find out more details about the next tech gadgets that will be hitting the market!

La Evolución del Cloud Computing

El cloud computing sigue evolucionando y tendrá un impacto significativo en todos aquellos usuarios que utilicen los tradicionales ordenadores de sobremesa, portátiles o cualquier otro dispositivo informático, como tablets o móviles.