What To Expect in Wearable Tech for the Rest of 2017

Wearable tech is a growing industry with a lot of potential, and 2017 has proven to be a good year for innovation. The year might be nearly over, but there are still a few product releases before the start of 2018 that have wearable tech enthusiasts chomping at the bit. Below are several of the most-hyped products that everyone is waiting to see in the coming months.

¿Acabará la Inteligencia Artificial con los empleos de hoy?

La pregunta es, desde luego, pertinente, pero quizá no esté bien planteada. Es posible, por no decir que es totalmente seguro, que muchos de los empleos actuales no sobrevivan al desarrollo de esta tecnología. Hablamos, principalmente, de los puestos de trabajo que requieren una menor cualificación profesional y que suelen ocuparse de procesos que generan un bajo valor agregado dentro de las cadenas de producción.

Office Tech Trinkets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Have you ever come across a product you didn’t know existed until you heard a coworker talk about it or seen the product featured in an article? Once you’ve heard or read about the product, you likely would love to purchase it because it’s a product you didn’t know you needed but will change your life. This blog will feature tech trinkets that you didn’t know existed, but you will want to own them for your office to make life easier.

Technologies That Failed to Make It Big

Making it big in the tech industry can be a tough thing to accomplish. Even if you have a great product to market to consumers, the level of success products have usually comes down to timing, cost, and demand. Not every product has the ability to successfully make its mark in the tech market — some have been massive failures even if they were a brainchild from a major company.

Upcoming Hackathons Around the World

Since the advent of the internet, more and more people are getting involved in hacking. Commonly known as gaining unauthorized access to websites, hacking can be used in a positive light as well. These days, hacking can also be used as a way to build websites, and sometimes, these websites can be built extremely quickly in competitions known as hackathons.