At the beginning of every year, tech enthusiasts from all over the world descend to Las Vegas, Nevada to see the latest and greatest tech gadgets in development at the Consumer Electronics Show. This year’s show featured new laptops, AI technology, new gaming consoles, and of course, prototypes for the next iPhone. Read on to find out more details about the next tech gadgets that will be hitting the market!

For the Multi-Taskers: Razer Project Valerie

Are you the type of person who has to have a Spotify playlist easily accessible while you’re studying a graph in Excel and writing a report in Microsoft Word? Instead of constantly switching between windows, you can have a screen for each of your programs! Sure, this option is available for desktops, but what about laptops?

Deemed the “world’s first triple display laptop,” Razer’s Project Valerie concept has two foldable displays that expand out from center screen. Each screen measures 17 inches diagonally, and boasts an impressive 4K display — giving its user has the impressive power of a 12K desktop that’s mobile! This powerful laptop is designed to be used for both the everyday business person and gamers who would love to experience widescreen gaming.

For People Who Love Cars: Toyota Concept-i

Forget about self-driving and flying cars — the next big technological innovation to be used in cars is Artificial Intelligence. Toyota’s Concept-i vehicle doesn’t just do things for you, but it actually develops a relationship with you through conversation and experience.

A news release from Toyota states that “Toyota’s belief that the vehicle of the future shouldn’t start with technology – it should start with the experience of the people who use it.” And that experience is the technology understanding every need of its driver over time by collecting data and holding conversations with its user. Imagine how nice it would be for your car to automatically know what internal temperature you prefer, what radio station to tune in to, or even give you destination suggestions!

For the Apple Fanatics: iPhone 8

For the loyal Apple fanatics, the newest iPhone will be released sometime later in the year. Since it’s also the 10th anniversary of the first release of the iPhone, Apple is celebrating my completely redesigning the current iPhone model.

Various rumors and reports have been swirling around the tech scene about the iPhone 8’s newest features. However, one thing is for sure: the newest phone will have an all-glass design with no home button. This new futuristic design is the most dramatic redesign to the iPhone concept yet. Since Apple is such a leader in the smartphone world, will other brands follow this new design?

For the Gamers: Project Scorpio

Set for release later this year, Project Scorpio is high-end version of Xbox specifically engineered to work with 4K TV’s, otherwise known as Ultra-HD TV’s that display the highest number of pixels currently available on the market.

Used in tandem, the console will be able to display super-high resolution 4K games and video, which is ideal for gamers who value performance and a crystal clear display. However, this doesn’t mean users will have to buy all new games to work with the new system, because according to Business Insider, Project Scorpio will be able to play any games originally made available for the original Xbox One and Xbox One S!