Wearable tech is a growing industry with a lot of potential, and 2017 has proven to be a good year for innovation. The year might be nearly over, but there are still a few product releases before the start of 2018 that have wearable tech enthusiasts chomping at the bit. Below are several of the most-hyped products that everyone is waiting to see in the coming months.

Fitbit Smartwatch

This highly anticipated piece of tech is expected to launch in fall of 2017, and it is rumored to have GPS, a square color screen, battery life of up to four days, and an advanced notification system.

Adidas Chameleon

This isn’t the official name for the product since it hasn’t been announced, but rumors have essentially confirmed this lifestyle tracking unit for women. It will feature an LED display, multiple finishes, and a heart rate tracker.

Apple Watch Series 3

As the latest in the line of Apple Watches, this iteration will have a front-facing camera for video calls, a smaller profile, and more storage. It will also feature LTE network compatibility, so it’ll work without a connected iPhone.

Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket

This smart jacket is the first of its kind, and it features a touchpad interface built in to the left sleeve. The pad will give the user control over certain features of a connected smart device.

Windows Mixed Reality

This style of headset shouldn’t require the advanced computing necessary to run more cutting-edge VR systems, so they will be accessible to the common consumer. Rumors also suggest Microsoft is producing a version of the headset for Xbox.

Emporio Armani Connected

This designer smartwatch will feature a touchscreen interface, multiple watch faces, included micro-apps, and an AMOLED display. The quality of this smartwatch will be superb when it’s released in the holiday season of 2017.

LG StreamVR Headset

The first VR headset of its kind from LG, this headset will feature resolutions of 1440×1280 per eye, two wand controllers for precise hand motion, and a field of view that spans 110 degrees.


This modular wearable seeks to create a default system through which consumers can build their ideal smartwatch. The main unit of the watch acts as the base, and modular ‘blocks’ are used to expand functionality while acting as the watch band.

Magic Leap

This company has more than $1.5 billion in funding, but there have been rumors of chaos in the management side. The CEO claims the first device has been prepped and is fully ready for testing, so keep an eye out.

Microsoft HoloLens

This device from Microsoft creates holograms and overlays them onto what you are seeing. It does so by tracking head and hand movements.